Redesigning a Popular Diner Website



I was recently on the website of a nearby diner called Valley Dairy, but I noticed that the website was really difficult to navigate and find the information that I was looking for, like the hours and the menu. I'm self-learning web development and I decided it would be a good project to redesign and build a cleaner version of the website.

The original diner website is quite overwhelming with lots of inconsistent usage of colors, fonts, and distracting graphics. The website also contains animations that lead to overlapping text and images. The hours and menu, which is the most important information, are very difficult to find as they're lost in a sea of menu items.

My redesign aimed to solve the aforementioned issues by reducing visual noise. The first big change was to clear out most of the top nav-bar, so the ten original items got narrowed down to the five most important: the hours, menu, locations, order, and about pages. The items that I removed from the top nav-bar were relocated to the footer. Now, these less frequently used items are still accessible without being distracting. I also made sure to use a consistent set of colors and fonts and removed the animations which were distracting. The menu page of the original website also used links that looked more like static imagery. I replaced these with links that look clickable and provide traditional visual feedback on hover like underlining.