3D App Homepage

My deployed project

I've spent the past six months learning Spline. My inital draw to the software was purely based on my love of art and interest to try new mediums. So I've spent most of the past months focused on creating 3D worlds, or should I say rooms? (You can check out an example of an interactive room of mine here.) As I've learned more and more about how to use Spline and 3D art in general it has slowly crept into my web development journey. Always eager to give myself a reason to open Spline, I created this 3D App Homepage.

The main visual focus of this website is the 3D Spline component. The use of slow moving, yet, brightly covered blobs in the background of the semi-transparent app UI conveys this theoretical product in an aesthetic way. Visual interest is maintained by the interactive 3D components. The component, which pivots foward, and images that glow on hover can give potential users a brief experience of this app. This is accompanied by minimal text and a thin italized font for the main statement which lets the 3D component take center stage. Part of the appeal of this website is how modern and up-to-date with the current design trends it is (like skeumorphism, gradients, and 3D assets).

My project is based on this tutorial. My website certainly draws a bit from the original tutorial, mainly the layout and backdrop of the 3D component. However, I've recreated most of the images used in the Spline 3D component to show my own personal flair. I've also changed the fonts to better reflect my concept for the website.